Scotland – Same view over and over

October 2017 – Raasay, view on Skye from our sun room window

The sunroom offers a 180 ° view. However, I chose this angle because it offers a beautiful composition.

It rains then the sun arrives, shy at first and then the sea wind blows so hard that it clears the sky and the blue sky appears, it’s beautiful. It is a poem.

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First days
Aw, there we are in Raasay, in the Hebrides, we finally arrived and now we let ourselves live! No alarm, no noise, no work, no schedule, no stress, this is life in Raasay according to our desires, our needs. It is our first stop and the longest. 1 month on an island.

Dun Caan
Today we are taking a walk on our island. The weather seems clement, even sunny. But actually, it is not very important because no matter what the weather is, it can changes in an instant, the clouds are constantly moving, the blue of the sky can be seen from time to time, the sun’s rays of light are breaking the clouds, the green meadows mix with orange, ocher, brown, we are in a poetic painting. We start climbing the Dun Caan,  1457ft (444m), ancient volcano, it is 11am.

Meeting with local craftsmen
At 8am, we are already on the ferry and at 8:20 in Sconser, on the Isle of Skye. The weather is beautiful and the bright emanations of the sun behind the hills can be seen. Today, we go to the west of Skye to discover crafters.

Interview with Ann of Dragonfly Studio
We are on the road to Dunvegan to see crafter Ann that owns the Dragonfly Studio. Easy to spot from the road, we arrive, park and a lady comes to welcome us from afar, she is jovial! Oh what a pleasure!

Link to the rented house on Airbnb:
Paradise on Raasay

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